About Us

“Work processes from the very blue-print of every successful business”


Outsourcing Services is a not a new global initiative today. It’s been around the world for quite a while and is fast catching up globally. Due to constant global, economic and financial challenges, companies are finding themselves looking for alternative employment solutions to overcome unpredictable economic conditions. Organizations are now focusing on the core competencies and retaining only their key people, while outsourcing most of their support functions that are non-core to the overall organization. The survival of an organization today totally depends on its fitness and the ability to very adapt quickly.

 Our services may differentiate from company to company. At Prospect Outsourcing, our service processes are customized, agreed and established with all our clients from day one. We work to customize these processes that best fit the client’s organization so that we are not disengaged. We agreed on recruitment strategies, recruitment timelines, clear definable objectives and processes, bringing down the failure rate to near zero.