Executive Search

With the help of rapid globalization, we push beyond borders to find the true and desirable leaders of prominent organizations.

Executive Selection

Defining the middle management, the process is simpler and straightforward. Multiple recruiting strategies are applied to a broad market, using various tools to access best-suited candidates.

Permanent Selection

We recognize the dire need to maintain a healthy backbone for an organization, by engaging the very best in skills and expertise to support the overall growth of the organization.

Information Technology Talents

We understand the exploding demand for IT talents and the changing technology (s). Our hands are long, and we reach out through a diverse network to support clients with the best talents.

Engineering Selection

Engineering talents are constantly in hot pursuits with the major on-going infrastructure projects and the construction boom in every development sector. Clients continue to build, and we continue to build and we continue to provide them with the best engineering people.


Foreign Talents are fast becoming an integral resource for many companies globally. Considered an “Interim Resource/Measure” – to buffer the shortages for many industries that have limited resources or specialist. Many talents typically come from Information Technology, Engineering, Retail Management, Banking & Finance, Railways, and Transportation.

The Prospect Consulting Group has the network and resources to offer our clients with the right talents. These talents typically come from India, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam, Korea, and Australia.