Our Profile

Recruiters play a monumental part in the building blocks of the entire human resources supply chain. Prospect Consulting Group is bringing change to the forefront of a new recruitment order; changing the way we do business that affects every employee and employer. We bring the best in recruiting practices, recruiting technologies and a wealth of recruiting to our clients.

Prospect Consulting Group scores fundamentally well when it comes to industry-focused assignments. Though a generalist mindset with a broad structure of unique skill set, we try to meet all client demands in every single market. Our consultants are engaged based on industry expertise and profound knowledge. We serve every client on the basis that we know their industry well, we meet their expectations at every level and we apply our networking expertise and resources to achieve their recruiting objectives. As such our consultants hired correspond to the industries we serve; Information Technology; Banking, Finance & Insurance; Commercial Services; Oil & Gas, Marine & Shipping and Exhibitions and Event Management.

Company’s Objective:

To attract, train and retain a pool of highly competent staff.

To continuously improve the standard operating procedure of the company.

Growth & expansion of business services into different sectors

Provide a platform of growth opportunities for all employees.

Company’s Vision:

Making a difference by thinking different.

Company’s Mission:

Our journey is based on 3 principles; good people, good systems and practical solutions. This is how we make a difference.