Prospect Outsourcing Services

Companies that are heavily dependent on scalable projects, seasonal work and immediate staffing requirements will find this option very useful. Contract Outsourcing has provided companies the diversity and flexibility to engage people differently as never before.

Outsourcing of payroll is common today. Some companies believe that payroll is not a core function, while others believe that confidentiality is a major issue when managed internally. It seems outright logical to reduce permanent headcount, cut down on employment cost and keep data confidential professionally managed.

Temporary Staffing is a flexible option that is available on a short notice. Assignments range from one day to three months, an excellent substitute when employees go on long leave, maternity, medical, hospitalization or demands for seasonal workload.

Prospect Outsourcing is an active service provider to the Exhibitions, Events and Promotions market. Having managed more than 80 events and deployment of 30 employees to over 500 employees per show, Prospect has managed events such as Defence Service Asia (DSA), Oil & Gas Show (OGA), Food Hotel Malaysia (FHM), Food Hotel Penang (FHP), Langkawi International Maritime & Aerospace (LIMA) to name a few.